Best places to visit in Port Blair

Andaman place offers the best places to stroll around beaches. Strolling around the beaches below the blue sky along with waving palm trees and golden sand. Port Blair is the main capital of Andaman. There are many unexplored Best places to visit in Port Blair. Are you planning to visit Andaman? Book your Andaman Tour Packages from here. Add all the mention places in your Andaman tour. The best time for a trip to Port Blair is months from October to May.

Best 5 Places to visit in Port Blair

(1) Ross Island

Ross Island

Located 2km away from Port Blair. It is a sort of Twin beach connected with Smith beach at 50m long. Ross Island is one of the best places to visit in Port Blair, surrounded by tropical forests and islands. It is commonly also called Paris of the East. It contains rich flora and fauna with species of peacocks, birds, and deers to adore. 


(2) Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail is a historical monument since the colonial period. Cellular Jail was used by British officers to punish people and capture them as prisoners. The walls of the jail speak stories about the Indian freedom fighters.

 The jail is popularly called Kala Pani which means black water. It denotes the prison cell confinement. Its construction took place in 1896 and 1906 years. It is the best place for soldiers to visit who protected our country from enemies. After independence, many of the prisoners went back to visit this prison.

Presently, freedom fighters displayed on these walls. This jail also contains a library on the first floor that consists of books related to freedom fighter’s movements. This place offers a night show for the visitors.

(3) Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya tapu is one of the best places of all to spend quality time with your partner in Port Blair. It is commonly a popular place for bird watching lovers. It is surrounded by thick forests and a beautiful ocean view in front. Experience the peace of the surroundings to feel a pleasant environment.

Chidiya Tapu offers some adventure sports. Including underwater sea life with colorful corals and marine life experience other sports like snorkeling and scuba diving under the surface. If you don’t know how to swim, you have the option of sea walking to preserve the rich tropical flora and fauna, established in 2001. The best time to visit Chidiya Tapu from 10 is from 5 pm from Tuesday to Saturday days.

(4) Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet National Park

Mount Harriet National Park surrounded by mountains greenery of flora and fauna. This Harriet is made out of forest areas for tourists to explore the vegetation. This place offers bird’s eye views of the beaches in shades of blue and green. Visit the nearby places including North Bay, Ross Island, Jolly Island, and Neil Island. Experience various birds, animals, and butterflies here.

You can enjoy trekking towards the jungle for about 16 km. It is extended about 4km from the home town to the park. From November to May is the best suitable time to visit Mount Harriet.     

(5) Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach

Wandoor Beach is located near Port Blair. It is located near the entrance of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park famous for its pristine waters, scenic view. This place is best for swimming and sunbathing in beautiful beach sight. Wandoor Beach has a small village in the south direction and with some beaches. Popularly known for its coral reefs, stunning sunset, and tides. The best time for visiting hours from 4 am and 9 pm. Explore the nearby places on Jolly Buoy Island with coral reefs and marine life. It is open for six months a year with activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

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