10 Most Famous Beaches of India

Going out along with the sun setting over an empty beach would be to fully embrace the isolation. Then imagine being on one of the best shores of India. The sense of solitude is enhanced by the natural beauty that Mother Earth has bestowed upon our country.
India is blessed to have a beautiful coastline with many of the world’s best beaches. That is the charm of India’s unique assortment of gorgeous beaches. All it takes is a single click and you’re set to plan your next holiday. Many people have been asking me that which state has beaches in India. Here, I present to you the list of the best beaches in my country. So, sit down, sip on your mojito and enjoy.

10 Most Famous Beaches of India

1. Baga Beach in Goa

Baga Beach

Feel energized in Goa’s partying hotspot, Baga Beach. The magnificent beach is lined with colorful beach shacks that provide a variety of water activities.
The best months to visit is between October and January. Water sports, resting at beautiful beaches, dancing with the vibrant nightlife, shopping at the neighboring food shops are all activities to do.

2.Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock Island

Radha Nagar Beach

The Radha Nagar Beach, which claims to be Asia’s finest beach, is indeed a wonderful sight to get a hold of. The beautiful white beaches and bright blue seas create the ideal environment for relaxation. This beach, often recognized as Beach No.7, attracts visitors from all over the globe.
The best months to visit are October through February. Things must do: Try walking along the white beaches, take it easy, and refresh alone or with the dear ones

3. Colva Beach in Goa

Colva Beach

The Colva beach, another of Goa’s largest and most influential beaches, has far more to provide than clear seas and pristine sands. This beach, which is known for its rave events, is an ideal hangout spot for individuals of all ages.
The perfect time to go is from October through May. Things must do: Try water sports, go out and enjoy the nightlife, relax by the sea.

4. Palolem Beach in Goa

Palolem Beach

This site is famous because of its dolphin sighting trips and it is one of India’s most gorgeous beaches. With both the backdrop of an immaculate island, the calmer north section of the shore is a beautiful sight. We added a poll on our official Instagram profile (Getz Destinations) about which is better Agonda or Palolem. Interestingly enough 74% of people chose Palolem and you already know why.
The perfect time to explore is between October and January.

5. Kovalam Beach in Kerala

Kovalam Beach

The Kovalam beach is a beautiful expanse of sand beaches along Kerala’s Malabar Coastline. Another of the nation’s most beautiful attractions, this beach’s unique feature is that this is a combination of three shores: The Lighthouse Beach, The Hawa Beach, and The Samudra Beach.
November through February is the perfect time to explore. Things must do: Have lunch at one of the prestigious cafés, visit the coastal mosque, or take a walk to the watchtower.

6.Kerala’s Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach

The Varkala Beach in India provides sunning and surfing with a backdrop of breath-taking scenery. The seas at this shore are also believed to have therapeutic and restorative powers, and the vistas are breath-taking.
November through February is the perfect time to explore. Now, one might ask that why is Varkala Beach famous? Well, Legends have it that its natural springs have medicinal properties. So, Loosen up there at the beach, head down to the adjacent Hindu Temple then enjoy a plunge in the main beach healing waves.

7. Goa’s Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach

Whether it’s fishing, beach yoga, spas, thriving markets, party scene, or breathtaking vistas, there’s something for everyone. Candolim Beach seems to have it all, but also to top it off, the whole beach is within walking distance of a tower and a cathedral, making it an excellent beach.
November through April is the perfect time to explore. Activities include visiting the lighthouses and the cathedral, kayaking, and purchasing at the local markets.

8. Goa’s Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach

The Agonda beach, an additional jewel from the land of the finest beaches, is a delight for both the mind and the spirit. The tranquility of the setting makes even the most mundane sunbathing sessions seem unreal. This beach, which is one of India’s most stunning, is magnificent down to the least element.
November through April is the perfect time to explore. Things must do: Wander down the beach then relax in one of the coves.

9. Odisha’s Puri Beach

Puri Beach

The Puri beach of Odisha is known for its romantic sunrises with breathtaking views. The beach’s beautiful beaches and sparkling seas enhance the allure of the sights. This beach seems great for vacations and is known as one of India’s top romantic beaches. While being on your way to this lovely beach, you may stop at some of Puri’s most popular tourist attraction
November through February is the perfect time to explore. Things must do: Browse the local markets for artisans, rest on the shore, and take in the breath-taking sunrises and sunsets.

10. Marina Beach in Chennai

Marina Beach

Marina Beach, which is the world’s second-largest beach, looks breathtakingly gorgeous. Unless the beach’s natural beauty and stunning vistas entice you, the main beach’s appropriate distance from surrounding historical landmarks further contributes to its allure.
November through February is the best time to visit. The thing must do: Explore the aquariums, take a tour of local heritage places, and relax by the seaside.

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